Why Did Ted Bundy Kill?

“I just liked to kill. I wanted to kill.” ~Ted Bundy

Probably thinking about killing everyone right now.

Probably thinking about killing everyone right now.

People love asking me why I think Ted Bundy was a serial killer.   There are many ways to interpret this question, but here are my thoughts.  Based on Bundy’s troubled relationship with his mother (he thought she was his sister for many years), his childhood living with his violent grandfather, and his inability to relate socially with others, I believe Bundy began living in a fantasy world as a child.  He loved listening to the radio and later told investigators he often found himself living outside of reality.  There is also an allegation that he was molested by a Boy Scout leader when he was around 12 or 13.  What better way for a boy to escape the feelings of being victimized than to fantasize about being all powerful and controlling his own destiny?

Ted was never able to relate with girls growing up and it was during those years that he started peeping in windows.  This was probably thought of as something a lot of young men did when they were curious during the 1950’s, but for Ted, it was the beginning of an obsession that continued until his execution in 1989.  He was caught peeping once and it is thought that shortly after, he started stalking women.   His first kill may have been as early as 1961 (he would have been 14), but police have been able to track his killing to possibly as early as 1969 (making him 22).   Officially, Bundy was thought to have murdered women between 1974 until 1978.  In that time, he is thought to have killed possibly more than 30 women.  That makes him an extremely active serial killer.

Based on his high body count and comments related to murder, I think it’s pretty clear why he killed.  Simply put, he liked killing.  There was something animalistic and visceral about watching a woman die that sent him into the throes of ecstasy.  Killing was synonymous to orgasm for Bundy as his sexuality became entangled with the brutal murder of young college-aged women.  By the time he was arrested Florida in 1978, he had ruined countless lives and enjoyed every minute of his devious deeds.  Luckily for women everywhere, Ted Bundy was executed on January 24, 1989.  The cowardly killer reportedly had to be dragged to the electric chair where he was given a much kinder death than any of his victims.