Bundy’s Sketches

Bundy did some sketching while in prison and here are 5 of the drawings that he did:

Big fish

Big Fish

Entity - Aug 86






Me - Aug 86



14 thoughts on “Bundy’s Sketches

  1. wow, never seen or even heard of the existence of these pictures before!! are you sure they are by ted? I have read all the main books about him; so where did you discover these? Thanks so much for the post +I hope you blog some more~


    • Tom, I am certain these were drawn by Ted. In fact, a couple of the sketches can be seen in Bundy’s prison cell in the movie “The Riverman.” However, I can’t remember where I initially discovered this information.

  2. wow, never knew he was an artist. That Freedom sketch is powerful! The skull, the arm holding the sword, and the women with her arm missing seems to imply that freedom can only come through death and sacrifice. What do you think it means?

  3. Michelle…I think all of the sketches are a reflection of how Bundy saw himself. He saw freedom as being allowed to kill women instead of being locked up. He drew all of these sketches in prison, by the way.

    • It has been so long since I posted them, I’d be hard pressed to remember. They make an appearance in the Riverman movie with Cary Elwes. You can see them in his prison cell.

  4. The sketches came from my old website. Their use in the movie was a betrayal of Bundy’s victims’ families, who would have benefited from the use of the images had the producers bothered to ask for my permission to use them. I am working on an expanded presentation of the “Darksider Sketches” that will be published at DarksiderPress.com.

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